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Cell Command Therapy Hypnosis Sessions on CD are actual hypnosis sessions on a separate CD with actual Cell Commands in the hypnotic suggestions. They are recorded both verbally and subliminally so they may be listened to and enjoyed as personal private hypnosis sessions or as peaceful music

Cell Command Therapy Hypnosis Sessions on CD work through the mind body connection. Health results depend on the persons ability to achieve the proper level of hypnosis. We make no health claims or guarantees since results may vary. Also for health treatment contact your health care professional.


Rejuvenate Your Entire Body Series Grow Younger

(3 Hypnosis CDs)

    (CD 1) Grow Younger
Rejuvenate your Endocrine & Immune Systems

    (CD 2) Grow Younger
Rejuvenate all of your body's Major Systems

    (CD 3) Grow Younger
Rejuvenate all of your body's other systems


Hypnosis to
Sleep Like a Baby

(3 Hypnosis CDs)

    (CD 1) Sleep ZZZZZZ
Release Causes of Sleep Problems

    (CD 2) Sleep ZZZZZZ
Special Hypnosis for Deep Sleep

    (CD 3) Sleep ZZZZZZ
Overcome Insomnia with Hypnosis


Natural Childbirth

(3 Hypnosis CDs)

    (CD 1) Natural Childbirth
Hypnosis for Easy Pregnancy
(freedom from morning sickness and negative symptoms)

    (CD 2) Natural Childbirth
Painless Childbirth Hypnosis

    (CD 3) Natural Childbirth
Natural Pregnancy and Natural Childbirth Hypnosis


Release Pain
"Stop Chronic Pain"

(3 Hypnosis CDs)

    (CD 1) Release Pain
"Forgiveness" to Release Pain Hypnosis

    (CD 2) Release Pain
"Tunneling with your mind" to Overcome Pain

    (CD 3) Release Pain
Relocate Pain to Release Pain Hypnosis


Easy Surgery
"Prepare for surgery"

(3 Hypnosis CDs)

    (CD 1) Easy Surgery
Hypnosis to Prepare for an easy operation

    (CD 2) Easy Surgery
Hypnosis to Recover perfectly from surgery

    (CD 3) Easy Surgery
Prepare for surgery and recover naturally


Vitality & Health

(3 Hypnosis CDs)

    (CD 1) Vitality & Health
Healing Energy Vortex Hypnosis

    (CD 2) Vitality & Health
Regain Youthful Vitality and Strength

    (CD 3) Vitality & Health
Improve Health to Live beyond age 100 Hypnosis


Stop Smoking Permanently

(3 Hypnosis CDs)

    (CD 1) Stop Smoking step 1
Release the mental causes of smoking

    (CD 2) Stop Smoking step 2
Reprogram your mind to be a non-smoker

    (CD 3) Stop Smoking step 2
Cell Command to restore Lungs & Respiratory System


Unconditional Love

(3 Hypnosis CDs)

    (CD 1) Self Love Step 1
Love Yourself & regain your self esteem

    (CD 2) Self Love Step 2
Learn Unconditional Love for self & others

    (CD 3) Self Love Step 3
Forgiveness of Yourself & others


Abundance and
Prosperity Series

(3 Hypnosis CDs)

    (CD 1) Abundance & Prosperity
Hypnosis to Achieve Super Success

    (CD 2) Abundance & Prosperity
Mentally Create "The Prosperous state of mind"

    (CD 3) Abundance & Prosperity
Create Miracles with your mind


Psychic Development

(3 Hypnosis CDs)

    (CD 1) Psychic Development
Cell Command To Improve your psychic abilities ( E. S. P.)

    (CD 2) Psychic Development
Seeing Through the Veil (Other dimensions & Realms)

    (CD 3) Psychic Development
Develop Clairvoyance (and other forms of precognition)


Release Grief,
Anxiety, Fear &
(3 Hypnosis CDs)

    (CD 1) Release Anxiety & PTS
Overcome Anxiety Fear or Panic by releasing the mental causes

    (CD 2) Release Anxiety & PTS
Release Grief from your life

    (CD 3) Release Anxiety & PTS
Release Depression Forever
(Release the mental causes for depression, so it's permanent)


Overcome Seasonal Affective Disorder Series

(3 Hypnosis CDs)

    (CD 1) Release S. A. D.
S. A. D. No More
(Release bad Emotions)

    (CD 2) Release S. A. D.
Heal & Restore your Endocrine system for emotional healing

    (CD 3) Release S. A. D.
Release Depression Forever
(Release the mental causes for depression, so it's permanent


Stop Addiction Series 1
Stop Drinking Alcohol

(3 Hypnosis CDs)

 (CD 1) Stop Addiction (Drinking)
Release mental reasons for addiction (Drinking)

 (CD 2) Stop Addiction (Drinking)
Release Addictions be "Free"

 (CD 3) Stop Addiction (Drinking)
Stop Drinking Alcohol
(By releasing the reasons for the addiction to drinking alcohol)


Stop Addiction Series 2
Stop Using Drugs

(3 Hypnosis CDs)

 (CD 1) Stop Addiction (Drugs)
Release mental reasons for addiction (Any kind)

 (CD 2) Stop Addiction (Drugs)
Release Addictions be "Free"

 (CD 3) Stop Addiction (Drugs)
Stop Using Drugs
(By releasing the reasons for the addiction to drugs)


Super Star
Sports Improvement

(3 Hypnosis CDs)

 (CD 1) Super Star Sports
Release blocks to your success (also anxiety & fear)

 (CD 2) Super Star Sports
Reprogam your mind for Success, Confidence & Skill

 (CD 3) Super Star Sports
Learn to be a Super Star
 (By learning from the stars & implementing their skills)


Super Learning &
Improve IQ

(3 Hypnosis CDs)

 (CD 1) Super Learning
Learn skills & special signals to improve learning ability)

 (CD 2) Super Learning
Improve Memory & Improve or Increase IQ

 (CD 3) Super Learning
Release Mental Blocks to Learning as well as Memory Blocks & learning anxiety


Contact Your
Higher Self

(3 Hypnosis CDs)

 (CD 1) Contact Your Higher Self
Clairvoyantly See (Clearly) the Past, Present or Future

 (CD 2) Contact Your Higher Self
Contact Other Realms
(for communication or to learn and link mentally

 (CD 3) Contact Your Higher Self
Communicate with Your Higher Self (your Soul)

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